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MS Office is impossible to buy

So my boss's new laptop included Office 2007 demo. He wanted to buy it naturally, but couldn't seem to get through the process. Dumps on my lap.

After 3.5 hours, I have to wonder just WTF is Microsoft thinking? The process does not work. I mean, seriously, I'm an expert computer user. I know how to read, and I can follow instructions. And I have gone through the process all of the different ways, and it all comes down to this a selection that doesn't exist.

In the Activation Wizard, do one of the following:

* If you have purchased a product key from a retailer,
  click Enter Product Key, and then follow the
  instructions in the wizard.

* If you have not purchased a product key and would
  like to purchase one online, click 
  Buy Product Key Online, and then
  follow the instructions in the wizard. 

Obviously the second choice is what I need. But that button does not exist. Period. And there are half a dozen ways to start this process, but they all end here.

Wow, pure genius.

I ended up uninstalling the demo version and then downloaded the full product fresh from the website.
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