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Lazy day

Yesterday we took the mostly off. We had breakfast off a great omlette place on the Railroad Square in Santa Rosa, then went down to the Jack London Ranch : CA State Park. We visited the House of Happy Walls, his grave (near the pilgrims' children graves) and the ruins of Wolf House. On the way back, we ran into a family of black-tailed mule deer. They weren't upset by us and all, and sat beside us munching away for at least a half hour. I took several pictures, but none came out.

On the way out we stopped at a few wineries, but the Mayo Winery smelled funny and had Saltines - yes, Saltines - on the counter so we fled onward. We did stop at B.R. Cohn Winery and picked a unlikely pair - the 2002 Silver Label Cabernet, and the 2001 Olive Hill Estate Cabernet. It started out feeling like a much less personable experience - no suggested tasting order and only casual attention, but they actually warmed up to us and had us try some of their personal favorites as the tasting went on. I guess we don't strike them as wankers <giggle>. We also walked out with one of their Olive Oils just for comparison.

We stopped for dinner at Traxx Grill in Petaluma, and then did some shopping at the outlet mall before returning home. Fairly casual day.

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