Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

The plaza I will go to when I die.

Today, Pam and Dorraine and I descended on the fabled Golden Zone shopping district in Mazatland. The street facing shops were typical prices, but we kept finding kicking deals in the littler bazaars that stretched off the main streets. Since most of what I purchased was gifts for others I can't talk about most of what we bought, but it was so very excellent.

After the shops closed we wandered down to city centre to the Plazuela Machado Square, where they close the streets and all the restaurants put their tables out on the cobblestone streets. Musicians play at each of the corners and even sometimes in the middle. We stopped at one corner for drinks, a second corner for dinner and hours of some very lovely singing, then had desert at a third corner with an excellent Jazz band. Pictures to follow.

Absolutely one of the very best nights of my life. I am so totally stealing luckinspades down here for a lazy week with every night ending here.
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