Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

Teaser tour

Tuesday I took a tour to Stone Island. It was a fun boat ride, and the uh, talker was pretty fun. (saucy) "How about that? Take a picture..."

For $35 it was an excellent deal, and I had two vacationing married women for good company.

Once on the island you could do 2 activities. I chose snorkeling and horseback riding. The snorkeling was only adequate, but better than I had hoped for. I got to follow a stingray for a while, and played tag with some fuflar fish. (a Harry Potter fish if I have ever seen one)

For the horseback ride I was worried about the tiny little horses, but they pulled out a big beautiful arabian for me to ride. He was easy with the reign, and I was able to walk him around to everything I wanted to look at. When we got out to the beach I (after asking permission) got him up to a run for a good stretch. Unfortunately the other horses decided to come along, and I had to slow down to a walk so that the other riders didn't have heart attacks ;-(
Tags: vacation

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